How did you get into DJing?

I was always really passionate about music my parents had no idea where it came from because neither of them are musical, I wanted to sing I wanted to act I just wanted to entertain I knew I didn’t want to go to Uni and do a degree I wasn’t interested in to work in a job I didn’t want to work in so for a few years after school I explored I worked in retail while I dabbled in acting classes and then one day I was out with friends and I thought hey I could learn to dj, my friend was a dj and I said to him you should teach me! We had a laugh about it the next morning I text him ok so when can I come round for lessons? He didn’t realize I was being serious the night before so he was like ok… Well come over have a feel for the decks and if it’s something you like you’re going to have to buy your own and learn yourself because that’s the best way you’re going to develop your own style. So no one “taught” me to dj I had tips and things along the way from different people but predominately I learnt on my own.

Whats the best thing about being a DJ?

There’s so many awesome things about it but getting to travel and see places and people I never would have seen has to be one of the best

There’s alot of stigma that comes with being a female DJ most commonly that they use their sex appeal and not skills to get gigs. What’s your take on that?

Look I completely agree there definitely are female djs that use that and that alone to get gigs and who are doing it for completely the wrong reasons, but there are also male “djs” who do that or use there status they’re a model or an actor turned dj they’re not in it for the right reasons either.. I won’t deny that it can definitely help but it also hindered me a lot in the start female djs were rare and people were scared to book me but I believe if you are good at what you do it shows and at the end of the day I love having respect from my fellow djs and industry peeps.


Tell us a story.. what is the craziest gig you’ve been on?

Theres been so many from like a birthday gig just at a club in Melbourne to djing at a club in LA or Papua New Guinea its hard to pin point one. But opening up at concerts is always an awesome one djing at Chris Brown and Rihannas private party would have to be up there also.

Besides DJing what else do you do?

Sleep! Haha I do enjoy sleep and food but during the week I kill a lot of my time at the gym or catching up with friends getting music for the weekends and sometimes you get weekday gigs too like this whole week Ive been playing at the spring races so Ive been busy all week and weekend!


hat do you tell people when you’re in a middle of a set and they ask you to play their favourite song?

Im pretty fair although it can get annoying I always say depends what it is tell me what it is and if I can fit it in I will, but if I say no don’t ask me again.. lol

What’s in the future for DJ AK?

So much! I just signed with an agency this year after doing my own bookings for 7 years and am in talks with an agency in LA and planning to spend more time there next year so can only go up from here.

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