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Good things come in small packages right? Having watched Kaya ‘Hulk’ Hinge throw her petite* frame around, we firmly believe so. With a thirst for contact and causing as much damage as legally allowed, the Hulk stands alone as the premiere cornerback in the competition.

She’s a savage constantly on the lookout for her next hit, with satisfaction received only when she’s standing over the body of her opponent. Shapes, sizes and abilities are thrown out the window when the Hulk pursues her victims, with no player safe from her barbarous and ruthless hits on defence. Facing the Hulk this weekend? It’s been fun while it’s lasted.

(*and by petite, we mean muscular as f@ck)

Check out our interview with Kaya and make sure you watch a short highlight vid we have of her.. Looking forward on seeing more of this amazing player!


The Crunch Mag
Hey Kaya it has been a while since we last saw you. How are things?

Kaya Hinge
Things are going well, I received a hip injury in the first game but I have been seeing our fantastic Physio & healing up great. Right now it’s holidays but I’m focusing on getting stronger & prepared for the second game in Jan.

The Crunch Mag
How did you get injured? Can you walk us through it?

Kaya Hinge
I received the injury in the last quarter (Canberra Mustangs v Brisbane Blaze), when I tried to intercept the pass in to Annaleise Varga (Brisbane Blaze)  in the end zone & she grabbed the ball for the conversion. I’ve gotta say It was a great catch.

The Crunch Mag
Ah yeah I remember now! You were running from the right and Annaleise came from the left and bumped you off from mid air. Hope everything is going well with your recovery!

Let me ask for the people who hasn’t seen the Ladies Gridiron League. How did you get started playing for the Canberra Mustangs and what position do you play?

Kaya Hinge
I randomly got into a local gridiron league that was starting up in Canberra at the start of 2014, we ended up getting into the grad final. I just fell in love with the game and after the season was over I felt a little lost so when the NFL season started & I watched all the games and even started playing the video game ‘Madden’ (I learn’t quite lot from madden actually). Not long after the season was over I heard a new Australian run league was starting up & tryouts were happening in late November. I went to the initial tryouts & here we are – a year later. Early on I was training as wide receiver but starting also doing corner drills & realised defence & corner is for me.


The Crunch Mag
Speaking of defence.. you dished out a few massive hits on your first game and for your size I was impressed on how you took on Meagan Cover from the Brisbane Blaze again and again. I’m pretty sure you didn’t miss any tackle that night! Before the game people were calling you ‘the Hulk’ and I honestly didn’t know what it meant until I saw you play!

You seem to put your body on the line a lot and you don’t seem to back down from any opponent. What’s your motivation?

Kaya Hinge
In the local league girls talked about being scared after seeing the girls we were up against but even then I never felt scared. The best thing about football is that you’re on that field to do a job & you leave everything else off the field. I started gridiron for a specific purpose & I’ve got to say it’s definitely serving its purpose in my life. I normally play ‘corner’ but for a lot of the game I mix it  up and played my second string positions such as ‘safety’. Our amazing MVP Puds is usually our fearless safety and when I got told by coach that I was up I didn’t want to let my team down. It doesn’t matter if they are Big or small if you know how to attack your opponent you will win. In saying that we have fantastic and dedicated coaches.

The Crunch Mag
Well your team definitely showed Australia how the Canberra Mustangs play gridiron that day! Even the speech your coach gave was inspirational!


Kaya Hinge
I am so proud of my team, our hard work and training has made us sisters.  Our coaches have gone over and above to prepare us for the first season of the Ladies Gridiron League (LGL).

I currently working at a beautiful heritage hotel in Canberra and I am working towards an ACT Fire and  Rescue position opening in February 2016. I’m also looking to pick up a couple of other sports in 2016?

I’m really looking forward to 2016 and especially playing in game two!

The Crunch Mag
Wow sounds like you are a real go-getter and someone who follow through on what they want in life!

So the tough question. There has been tons of mix feelings about the Ladies gridiron league coming into the sporting scene. Dramas about the uniform and how women are portrayed. What do you think about all this?

Kaya Hinge
Yes my favourite subject.

The LGL game atmosphere is always awesome! Alot of families and people from Canberra filled the stadium. We had so many people we even ended up having people on the field (3 lanes deep in the end zones). It was so lovely experience and family friendly atmosphere & the Canberra crowd really came through and rooted for us The Canberra Mustangs!

It was actually touching to see.

So say what you will about the game, women and uniform – but we are athletes and if you come to a game or watch a game you will see this. Every team has spent countless hours training hard & studying the game. The Mustangs are strategic & hungry for every touch down.

My favourite quote was ‘I came to see t*ts & a**, but from the get go, both sides showed us that you are athletes. You girls can play football’


The Crunch Mag
I fully agree with you and every time I’m watching  a live LGL game. The atmosphere is electric! We always hear the same scenario. People came in to watch hot girls in tight uniforms but never expect to see how you girls really play. You always hear them say at the end “Wow.. never thought it was going to be like that”. By the first minute people forget what the teams are wearing and all the politics. People get involve straight into the game!

Now the real burning question.. You guys have demolished Brisbane Blaze on your first game and I’m sure you’ve seen Adelaide Phoenix do the same. How do you think the game in January will play out when you go toe to toe with the Phoenix?

Kaya Hinge
At the end of the game lot of people even ex-Stangs said they were surprised of the outcome with our massive win against the Blaze. So you gotta be happy with that.

Defensively, we know Adelaide are the ones to beat & specifically Adelaide’s Offence. We are already putting our strategy in place and preparing our defence for the Adelaide game. No matter how it turns out, it will be a really really good game.

Written by The Crunch Enforcer
Nick Armistead
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Interviewed by The Crunch Enforcer
Trey Dawg
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Special Thanks To Images by
Jason Gaffey + Tori Heron

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