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Mr. Big Stuff’s Top 5 Go-To Dishes to Please A Crowd

  1. Smoked pork ribs with a coke BBQ sauce glaze and home-made coleslaw. I love cooking these as the ribs as they get super tender and sticky. Your guests will love you and ask for the recipe for sure! 
  2. Sous-vide turkey thighs with cranberry sauce and sage stuffing. This is a special I do for thanksgiving. Cooking turkey sous-vide guarantees a perfect cook and you can quick-brine the meat beforehand to impact maximum flavour! 
  3. 6-hour slow cooked lamb shoulder souvlakis with homemade tzatziki, toasted pita bread, pickled red onion and Greek salad. The flavour you can impact in the lamb during the slow cooking process brings flavours you can’t get with a quick roast. I find the tenderness and sweetness of the lamb comes to the forefront with this recipe. 
  4. Lasagne with organic angus beef, 3 cheese crust and a homemade bechamel sauce. This will wow all your guests. Especially the crispy cheese edges that everyone secretly dreams about. I highly recommend this as it’s no fuss, simple and takes basic cooking skills. 
  5. Homemade meat pies made with puff pastry, 80/20 beef, Mr. Big Stuff’s secret sauce/gravy mix and some tomato chutney to serve. When you have a bunch of friends over to watch the game, or for any other big event, then this is what you want to eat. Easy to put together and the gravy packs a punch. You should try them out on your next gathering! 
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