Niels Holswen

Niels Holswen is a 27 years old French/German Photographer and DJ Producer.
Born in France, he spent most of his childhood in Germany.

In 2010, he moved to Canada where he performed as a DJ Producer. He then traveled through America and Asia, and discovered a passion for photography.
He is now based in Sydney, Australia where he started a serious photographer career specialized in Portrait, Fashion, Artistic Nude.

Niels goal is to break the cliché and loves to get original result. He likes to highlight what people don’t pay enough attention to, the small details. Niels love to work with ebony models, colored girls, to him they are perfection. ‘I want to break the stereotype related to the Blonde Bimbo that we always see every where in commercials. My goal is to break the cliché, i love to get unusual & creative outcomes, highlight on details, unexpected features.I love to work with all types of ethnicity. I want to break the stereotypes.I specialize in Portrait, Fashion, Artistic Nude, Event photography.’

Images by Niels Holswen


Nowadays media pushes society to focus only on the physical appearance of a woman. It ignores her true being, her personality and inner feelings.
The WAY Project 0.16 aims at restoring the Natural Woman, the Woman everybody knows, as a friend, as a wife, as a neighbour… The Woman that it is not highlighted nowadays.

The WAY Project 0.16 is part of a worldwide and visual revolution against fashion standards. It resorts to non-professional models and minimal make up (Nude effect). Each photograph has a non-verbal message: the woman’s personality and feelings.

By voluntarily offering professional skills of an experienced photograph (TFP), the WAY Project 0.16 encourages self-expression, boost of self- esteem, and development of creativity of each participant.

Images by Niels Holswen


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