Phoenix vs Mustangs – Battle of the Juggernauts

Game 4 of the Ladies Gridiron League between the Adelaide Phoenix and Canberra Mustangs threatens to quash any lingering misconceptions regarding the legitimacy and ferocity of Australia’s newest female sporting competition as the two undefeated juggernauts throw down at City Mazda Stadium on Saturday night.

Boasting two wins, zero losses and a home crowd whose vocal gymnastics rivals their AFL equivalent at the revamped Adelaide Oval, the Phoenix will look to cement their title as championship favourites atop the LGL ladder.


On the back of their 40-point demolition of the Brisbane Blaze in the opening game of the season, the Phoenix recorded a thrilling 14-point come-from-behind victory in extra time against the West Coast Angels. While the Fyfe Train and Farr and Away receive deserved plaudits for their irrepressible offensive prowess, it was the Human Conspiracy Theory, Magic Carpet, the Rock and the Phoenix defensive unit who swarmed the Angels when the game was in the balance and allowed their two MVPs the opportunity to make it hurt on the scoreboard.

Similarly, the Mustangs will be salivating at the thought of silencing the Phoenix fans and remaining the sole undefeated outfit in the League as they stake their claim for favouritism.

Debuting in Game 3 against a much-improved Brisbane side, the Mustangs showcased their unrelenting physical presence by bludgeoning their way to a hard-fought 24-point victory.

MVP and “Oh, can I say f*ck on camera?” culprit, Paremo ‘Pudz’ Marsh, exploded onto the scene and ran riot from a multitude of positions on the night, with her dominant performance running the ball etching her name against Farr and Away as the League’s preeminent running back.


Running Hot: Chelsea Farr (AP)

Despite being challenged for the crown of running queen by Amanda Ewers (BB), Britney Were (WCA) and Pudz (CM), Farr and Away remains number one due to her unrivalled ability to find the end zone resulting in seven touchdowns from two outings. Nimble, tenacious and with agility akin to Adrian Peterson, this Phoenix star is the form player of the competition and her battle with the Mustangs’ Gandolf defence is as mouth-watering as the game itself.

Images by Thao Manas

Danger Woman: Kaya Hinge (CM)

The Hulk savaged the Blaze’s backs and receivers in Game 3, using her innate ability to read the movements of her opponents to lay a number of bone crunching hits capable of striking fear into the most talented offences. With Phoenix captain, Elisabetta Del Re, currently the number one receiver in the League, the match-up between the two could go a long way to deciding which team remains undefeated at the end of it all.


One to Watch: Danielle de Groot (CM)

Glimpses of de Groot’s ability were evident throughout her side’s victory against the Blaze, with the adaptable QB passing and running her way to the end zone in the same vein as Phoenix counterpart, Lisa Fyfe. Dedicated to her craft and eager to assert her dominance in the world of LGL, expect the talented Mustang captain to cause copious headaches for the Phoenix defence.


Match Details

Ladies Gridiron League Season 1 – Game 4

Adelaide Phoenix vs Canberra Mustangs

Saturday, 9 January, 2016

City Mazda Stadium, Adelaide

Written by The Crunch Correspondent
Nick Armistead
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Special Thanks To Images by
Jason Gaffey + Tori Heron + Kirk Manas + Thao Manas


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