1. How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been a photographer professionally for 4 yrs, but have been shooting prior as a hobby years before that.

2. What made you pick up a camera?

I’ve been into visual arts since the day I was able to talk lol! It’s always been something that intrigued me and I did a lot of it while I was a kid. I think my love for visual arts & seeing how much it impacts the world made me pick up a camera and inspired me to contribute my vision also.

3. Whats your favourite style of photography?

My favorite style of photography would definitely be editorial, it lets me be creative, but I also LOVE shooting live concerts of artists I grew up listening to. I would say they are both what I’m best known for in my field.

Images by Quby

4. What’s the best thing about being a photographer?

The best thing is meeting new people, & amazing ones at that! I don’t know about other photographers, but I’ve never had a client I didn’t love working with! They’ve all been amazing & I’m so grateful for every one of them. Also the travel aspect is pretty awesome! haha

5. What’s the funniest photography experience you ever have?

Funniest would be the time I was shooting for Kendrick Lamar, [LA hip hop artist for those who aren’t familiar] & I was on the stage shooting in front of thousands & out of know where you just see me fall right off the stage trying to get that perfect shot LOL. But I got it! My leg was injured, bleeding.. but that didn’t stop me from getting back on there to continue shooting. The crew were really helpful & helped me get on my feet quick, but it was just hilarious, & I remember the people in the front row cheering me on & clapping & were in solid tears from laughing hard. Kendrick after the show asked “what happened? you were on stage one min & gone the next” LOL Just something I’d never forget & I’ll forever laugh about haha.

6. Do you do anything else besides photography?

Photography is my full time job, which I’m so so grateful for! It was a huge leap of faith 4 yrs ago to do it full time & I’m SO glad I took that step. I do however own another business in which I’m a secret owner of.

Images by Quby

7. What was your first camera and did you use it for professional shoots?

My very first camera was the Canon 450D with the kit lens.  Yes! I did use this when I started doing paid work at the very beginning until i upgraded to a full frame.

8. People sometimes think that if you get the top expensive gear you will produce the best images. What’s your take on that?

I think its bullshit! lol I’ve always been passionate about this topic & I always say to people “It’s not what you use, it’s how you use it.” An iphone is just as good as any camera you can buy, I use my iphone 6 for a lot of my Instagram photos of nature/landscapes from my travels & people genuinely think its taken off a pro camera & are confused as to how it develops so great. Again, it depends on the user, not the equipment.

I also never understood people who buy a whole bunch of expensive gear only to show it off on their social media pages & actually not even know how to use it. To me, someone who thinks or depends on expensive & excessive gear to take great shots isn’t a true photographer, sorry.

Every photographer is different, each to their own, but i personally never felt the need to go over board with my gear. I only still to this day shoot with my Canon 5d Mark ii  & only own two good lenses that do the jobs fine! I don’t have crazy lighting or anything fancy.

Always natural lighting that God gives! haha, I don’t feel the need to use anything else really.


Images by Quby

9. We see that you’re in the states at the moment? How is it over there photography wise?

Yes, It is amazing! I feel that my work is more appreciated out here than back home haha. Maybe its because I’m overseas, but I feel like there’s a lot more opportunity & room to grow out here.

10. Any advice for novice photographers out there?

NETWORK! Best thing you can do is network. Never stop producing work, stay creative, stay hungry.


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