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At first glance Soulmate Australia seems like your typical club for the sneaker enthusiast. Sharing photos of their collections with fellow hobbyist and even sometimes spending the night in the streets lining up for the next new Jordans or lebrons to come out. The Crunch Magazine was lucky enough to have a chat with Derrick Narciso and digging deep we found out that Soulmates Australia is more than a group of people sharing the love of shoes.

SMA has been active in an annual charity work every Christmas with their fundraising to buy Sandals/Jandals/Thongs (depending where in world you are from) and sending it off to the unfortunate kids who have been orphaned by the typhoon in Philippines. We give Solemates much love and Respect for taking the initiative to act and just do good because its the right thing to do. None like the people who makes charity viral video for views or likes but to help the future generation of his people.

Derrick Narciso – Solemates Founder

One of the reasons why Derrick Narciso started Solemates Australia (sneaker group} was because he wanted to positively channel the collective strength of the community. There was an article about his motherland (Philippines) in 2012 that really struck a chord to him. There was a huge typhoon that hit the country in 2011 which left behind a massive trail of destruction. Hundreds of children were orphaned and moved to orphanages with little to no clothes. Unfortunately most of these kids experienced growing up without having the luxury of wearing shoes or let alone a sandal. Derrick felt very blessed to be living in a country where he is well off  and even pursue his sneakers collecting hobby. Derrick told us that

“Having learned of this tragedy in Philippines really tore through my heart. I have so many shoes, more than I can wear out in a life time. Yet there are kids back home that walk to school everyday, hike rivers and rocky mountains with their bare feet. I had to do something.

I had to make a difference. But what?

It was a sheer blessing that Father Paul Pamintuan crossed my life. He was introduced by a God send of a friend from 30 years ago. Together we thought of gifting our less fortunate brothers and sisters in these orphanages and other poverty stricken areas with sandals. Sandals are relatively cheap when purchased in bulk from factories in the Phils. We thought a single pair would make a world of difference for these kids. Together with Amy Lewis, Matt Duncan, Terry Koumides and David Killen (admins from Solemates Aus), Filo kicks Society (Arllie Donato), Print Nation Aus (John Romualdo) and close friends (malcolm moran and Ryan Nalupta) we were able to help 100 orphanages and 50 far flung towns from a humble beginning of 5 in 2012.

It is my hope that one more people in the sneaker community contribute to this cause and maybe someday we can inspire other sneakerheads in other countries to their own thing for society.”


Here are some images of the kids Derrick and Solemates have helped in Philippines!


We strongly suggest that you jump on board and make a difference! If you would like to donate please contact us or email Solemates Australia directly on

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