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Sooo.. Tell us what Soul On Your Feet is all about?

Ryan: Hey Tristan! Thanks for giving us this opportunity by collaborating with our group “Soul on your feet”

Basically our group is just all about flexing/sharing photos of sneakers that we all wear on a daily. It is a NON Buy/Sell/Trade group, Just pure love to sneakers be it HYPE, Heat,General release pairs or whatever other people call it.
That being said its just because for the friendship that we made thru sneakers.

Dennis: Well, SOYF is a group that lets you flaunt your love for the shoes (on their FB and IG pages), basically a pure flex group in a friendly manner. no selling/trading and buying.

What are you guys trying to achieve?

Ryan: Actually we achieved a bit of what we want to achieve by connecting people/sneakerheads and maintaining a vibrant place for sneakerheads.
Personally I want it to be like a hotel lobby that people comes by meet other sneakerheads and be comfortable not like other groups to be honest.

About that question on what we (Admins/founders) want to achieve, we just wanted to reach out and expand our network in the sneaker community wether they’re new to the scene or OGs as long as we’re on the same passion.

Dennis: We, admins, have this view that we want all sneakerheads to connect in a manner of being one for the love of the game.
TBH, I want this group to be the largest flex group!

How did it all get started?

Ryan: Its just funny that all these things started when me and Dennis was just talking while he’s in Bahrain and I was in Europe and from two guys that are drunktards that likes shoes/sneakers came a sneaker flexing group.. It was called “Flex your sole” first but eventually we, the admins change it to “Soul on your feet”

We recruit admins from different countries to have a bit of diversity, balance and know how.
So far we’re running great and we like to keep it that way.

Dennis: Well, it all started through a chat between me and Ryan. We wanted to have a flexing group with a friendly atmosphere. At first, I named it Flex Your Sole and appointed few Admins namely, of course Ryan Magpayo, Baldo Cosme, Peter Ryan Domingo, Malcolm Cruz Moran and Marcus Skylar.
In its first night, we reached almost 200members from Asia to Europe to Middle East and America. We, have decided to add admins in each and every country that can represent their group, hence the addition of Matt Tjostolvson, Matthew Crespo, Krystel Luy, Deepie Lee and the newly added admin Derrick Narciso
Why became Soul On Your Feet, after 3 days of creating the group Ryan and I noticed the word ‘flex’ is strong for some and might have a different opinion on this, so we brainstormed and believe me, it took us 48 hours to come up with Soul On Your Feet and the rest is history.

Where do your members come from?

Ryan: Our members are from around the globe, different walks of life, different colors.
That is why this group is so unique because whatever color or gender you are it doesn’t really matter because we are all standing on the same side of the fence.

Dennis: Right now we do have 2.1k members, and it comes from different walks of life who love to flex their pairs.

What is it about shoes you love so much about?

Ryan: My perception about shoes is “a man can’t have/wear only a pair of shoes”

Some or most of us had those stories that when we were kids we had a hard time buying sneakers because we don’t have enough money to buy a single pair of shoe. And I’m proud to say that I’m one of those kids. Lol

I really love shoes because somehow it defines who I am.

I love the uniqueness of each shoes that I have be it leathers or sneakers and I buy them because I really like them.

Dennis: The excitement of wearing them for the first time, the smell, that feeling of playing basketball and wearing the shoes of an icon (MJ) or whoever pro basketball player and the hurt feeling knowing that u cant wear the pair anymore coz it’s beat already. And everything in between

How long have you been collecting and how many pairs do you own?

Ryan: I don’t want to include those years that buying sneakers/basketball shoes is called collecting because I bought em just to wear em on court because that they were made for.
I have been collecting on and off since ’99. I’d collected different shoe brands like Jordans, Timberland, DADA, LUGZ to name a few. I don’t sell em back then. I just give them away to my friends or relatives when I don’t like em anymore that is why the number of shoe I collected is a little more than 50 pairs. (Not that many compare to others lol)

Dennis First off, I don’t consider myself a collector, I buy the shoes to wear and play basketball with and I only have less than 100 pairs of shoes

What is the most expensive/rare pair of shoes do you own?

Ryan: I look at my pairs equal because for me they are all the same. So I can say I don’t have rare pair of shoe but some of them are a little less expensive I think

Dennis:  I have this mentality that if the pair is more than $400, let go! I dont have those sought after shoes in the market, i only buy what i like and all are mostly GRs.

Where do you see this community go from here?

Ryan: We are way far to where we are going from what we have now but we’re on the right track to achieve what we want.
I think this community will go big as long as the members in it have the passion and love for sneakers because for me the members are the ones that drives this community and we the admins are just here to guide them to see the light at the end of the tunnel lmfaoo
Kidding aside I sure we are going to the right path.

Dennis: We, admins, thinks our SOYF community will be bigger in the future. We just have to make sure to always implement the friendly/family atmosphere among heads.

Any final words?

Ryan: Only a few words to say.

Wear and enjoy every pair you have fellas, don’t stock them because of the price value. After all shoes are made to be worn. It is a time machine to take us back from our younger years.

Dennis: For all the heads out there, dont let shoes dictates your personality, make them represent who you are!

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