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The Crunch – Five Favourite Female Vocalists of All Time

1.    Janis Joplin
The voice, the emotion, everything about Janis was unique and true art that will carry on throughout the ages. Her voice is just so unique and so recognisable as soon as you hear it. 

2.    Lana Del Rey
What a voice! Every lyric is delivered with purpose and aimed to contribute to the story that she is enchanting us with. Mellow, sultry and emotional, what a raw beauty that brings true magic to her music.

3.    Tash Sultana
Now I’ve always been a fan of Tash, but after “Can’t Buy Happiness” was released… WOW. The beauty and the dedicated delicate sound that she provides to this track is truly phenomenal in every form.

AFAS Live, Amsterdam

4.    Hannah Reid – London Grammar
THE STRENGTH!! Is there anything that this voice can’t do? She manages to defy limits and pushes the boundaries so effortlessly, still maintaining the strength and character that her stunning voice is known so well for.

5.    Sia
Sia has made the list because in a modern era she has disregarded the social standard of having a perfectly clean voice. She has brought to light the beauty in vocal “flaws” like cracks and squeaks in the voice. I think they’re absolutely stunning and she has done everyone a favour by showing the beautiful normality in it.

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