The Tormentors

Set in Melbourne, Austra TORMENTORS deals with the subject of homophobia
in a family run motor mechanics business.

Homophobia in the workplace is a very real problem and according to new research (‘The Age’ Newspaper) gay and lesbian staff are being forced to stay in the closet or choose self-employment to avoid workplace homophobia. Informal discrimination, such as jokes or exclusion, is a prevailing problem, despite dramatic cultural and legal improvements in recent years.

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Written and directed by Darren L. Downs, THE TORMENTORS is a gritty and confronting
short film that addresses workplace discrimination and the turmoil caused when a middle
class family’s values and beliefs are challenged.

THE TORMENTORS co-stars Maxwell Caulfield, an internationally acclaimed British film, stage, and television actor, based in the United States. Having shot to fame with the 1982 film, ‘Grease 2’, Caulfield has sustained a thirty year film career that has seen him co-starring alongside the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Sheen, Joan Collins, Charlton Heston, Matthew Modine, Kathleen Turner and Renee Zellweger. Other highlights include leading roles in the 1980’s hit TV series ‘The Colby’s’, Britain’s ‘Emmerdale’ and the cult movie hit, ‘Empire Records’. Caulfield has also had a noteworthy presence on Broadway and London’s West End.

Recently in Australia, on a work assignment, Caulfield was immediately attracted to the project and completed his key scenes last month, with the remainder of production expected to be completed, September/October of this year.

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Other key actors, include: Will Weatheritt (leading role) Rowan Howard, Xander Speight,
Steven Sammut, Axle Gunn and Belinda Sharp,Having researched these issues extensively, we are extremely passionate about the story we have to tell and bringing it to light through the film medium.

THE TORMENTORS is currently being distributed to film festivals and events worldwide and will screen at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival and Texas Shorts, USA. For all information regarding THE TORMENTORS, contact Darren L. Downs at:

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