You might have seen him playing alongside Kilter in his live band, but now it’s time for TIMI TEMPLE to unleash his own intoxicating music, today announcing the release of his new single Sands of Time, set for release on October 27. The nostalgic track is accompanied by an artistic, visceral clip, directed in collaboration with Katie Luna (Dope Lemon).

With influences such as Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix and MGMT, it’s easy to see what makes TIMI TEMPLE, aka Timothy Lockwood, tick. Sands of Time sits somewhere in the ether, between the haze of ‘60s influences and current sounds, with a swelling chorus that begs to be sung along. Inspired by a real-life saga that saw an adorable 5 year old Timi Temple running deviously from a crime and experiencing his first taste of escaping fate, Lockwood explains the comical story behind Sands Of Time – “When I was a kid we had a fishtank in the house, behind the dining table, on a glass shelf. Underneath the tank was a heater, now, I don’t know whose bright idea it was to put the heater under the tank, but one cold night I thought I’d do the right thing by turning on the heater. A child’s first attempt at taking initiative. Unfortunately no one from my family realised I had done this, so I was put to bed and the rest of my family retired for the night without turning off the heater. I woke up to my family arguing about who left the heater on – the fish were pretty much boiled and floating across the top – and when I was asked, I feigned ignorance. It ate at me for a while, the guilt not washing off my consciousness. But soon it was ‘lost in the sands of time’ and forgotten. It hit me like a freight train when, at 15, I decided to buy my own ‘first pet’ and picked up a fish tank. I put my thoughts down on paper and I guess the song is my confession.”

The clip takes Sands of Time and turns it on its head, hourglass-style. Of the clip, Timothy says, “I was checking out some influences and came across a peculiar video for Dope Lemon’s song Uptown Folks. It was an animated video that seemed like an amalgamation of a bunch of other clips from past and present. I thought something similar to this would be perfect for this song, and the catalyst for which was a decade prior. I tracked down Katie and asked how she was able to do the video, after a bit of chatting I showed her my music and she loved it and now we’ve got some awesome art together!”

Although a hugely experienced performer, having graced the stage at Splendour in the Grass and many other hallowed grounds alongside Kilter, when it comes to the TIMI TEMPLE project Timothy is happy to bide his time before hitting the stage, explaining, “I definitely can’t wait to bring TIMI to the live stage. I just really want to capture that fleeting moment of creation – something you can’t experience on a record. There’s plenty of jams that I allow to just grow naturally on the spot. I also like to show off, and so do my band members, so it’ll also be a shred-city gig. Imagine Woodstock Hendrix but to way less people, and I probably won’t burn my guitar, ha!”

Sands Of Time will be available from October 27.

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